• Briene the Beauty

    Briene the Beauty

    Briene's beauty and intelligence are inversely proportional: she's as smart as she is homely. That's a good thing, though, since the brain is the most powerful sex organ in the body, which, in fact, makes her the sexiest woman alive.
  • Erik "Quaker" Stahl

    Erik "Quaker" Stahl

    Erik possesses the features of his Caspian mother, while being even larger than his Khardic father. He's a giant of man, with a deep voice, a hearty laugh, and a unique mechanikal leg. He is fair, courteous, and deadly.
  • Grell Greencaller

    Grell Greencaller

    A trollkin fell caller of the the Thornwood kriels, hers was one of the kriels displaced by the encroach of Cygnaran industry. She has an uncharacteristically hued greenish skin and bright red quills. She is an able fell caller, with a gift for controll
  • Kurz Margrave

    Kurz Margrave

    A giant of a man in plate armor, with a clean shaven face riddled with scars, and short black hair, Kurz is every bit the imposing and serious warrior.
  • Lorcan


    A rugged, low-class lowlife always ready to make a quick gold piece. Lorcan wears an armored trench coat and his ever-present hat (which he never takes off; manners be damned). His face is always sporting stubble and a mischievous grin.
  • Patches


    Patches like Rhyan. Patches listen real good. Patches loves shiny new parts.
  • Raf Cozzan

    Raf Cozzan

    The bespectacled, portly gobber Titlemaster of the Steel Wolves. He's fond of rich food and strong drink, and his mind is disturbingly sharp. Despite his soft appearance, he never seems out of place among the more dangerous mercenary elements.
  • Ragnok Nokith

    Ragnok Nokith

    A towering frame, midnight blue skin, bright red eyes, and hard angular features make him imposing at first, but his calm demeanor quickly offsets that. He regularly shaves his quills to accommodate wearing his lucky hat (the one with the bullet holes).
  • Rhyan Argoth

    Rhyan Argoth

    Five feet nothing and not even 100 pounds soaking wet, this blue haired lady can work on jacks and weaponry alike. With Patches at her side she's ready for anything.
  • The Steel Wolves

    The Steel Wolves

    "We are the hunters."
  • Vladislav Abrosim

    Vladislav Abrosim

    Not much is known about Abrosim except his interest in necromancy and his ruthless tactics in pursuit of his goals.