Erik "Quaker" Stahl

Erik possesses the features of his Caspian mother, while being even larger than his Khardic father. He's a giant of man, with a deep voice, a hearty laugh, and a unique mechanikal leg. He is fair, courteous, and deadly.


Mighty Human Military Officer/Soldier/Duelist

PHY 7 | AGI 3 | INT 3
SPD 7 | PRW 5 | ARC -
STR 6 | POI 4 | PER 4


DEF 12
ARM 14

Military Skills
Great Weapon 3
Hand Weapon 3

Occupational Skills:
Command 3
Detection 2
Driving 2
Intimidation 2
Medicine 3
Navigation 2
Streetwise 2
Survival 3

Feat: Back Swing
Once per turn, this character can spend 1 feat point to gain one additional melee attack.
Battle Plan: Call to Action
The character can spend 1 feat point to use Battle Plan: Call to Action. Using a battle plan is a quick action. When a character uses a battle plan, each friendly character in his command range who is under his command and is knocked down immediately stands up or goes prone.
Beat Back
When this character hits a target with a melee attack, he can immediately push his target 1" directly away. After the target is pushed, this character can advance up to 1".
Find Cover
At the start of combat before initiative is rolled, this character can immediately advance up to 12 feet (2") and perform a quick action to take cover or go prone.
Natural Leader
A character with Natural Leader increases his command range by 2".
While armed with a hand weapon, the character cannot be targeted by free strikes.
Precision Strike
When this character hits with a melee attack, he chooses the branch of the target’s life spiral or the column of the target’s damage grid that is hit, if applicable.
Righteous Anger
When one of more friendly characters are injured by an enemy in character’s CMD RNG, character gains +2 STR and +2 ARM for one round.
Once per round when this character is missed by an enemy’s melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved he can make one normal attack against the attack enemy.

To make a ranged attack, the character’s ranged weapon must be loaded.
Once per round when an enemy is placed in or moves into the line of sight of this character, this character can immediately make one attack, targeting that enemy.
Feat: Shield Breaker
When this character hits a target that has a shield with a melee attack, the character can spend 1 feat point to use this benefit. When the character uses this benefit, after damage has been dealt the other character’s shield is completely destroyed as a result of the attack.
Team Leader
When this character gains a feat point, instead of keeping it himself he can give it to another character currently in his command range.

Caspian Battle Blade | MAT 8 | P&S 13 |
Mace | MAT 7 | P&S 10

Infantry Armor DEF -2 | ARM +7



They tell stories about Erik’s mother and father. It’s all romance against the odds, a Khadoran noble lady captured and held hostage by a group of Llaelese soldiers, a rough and ready Cygnaran soldier who was part of the detail that intercepted them, hoping to use the girl as a bargaining chip for the release of important men captured in a border skirmish. They tell about how it all went wrong, and the bloodshed that followed, and how the two of them managed to escape together, coming to depend on each other in hostile territory. It’s all very sweet, but it left a bitter taste with Erik.

All he ever knew was fighting. His mother and his father were born enemies, and no matter how much they loved each other, they couldn’t shake the ties to their lands and blood, even after they moved to Ord.

Though he never neglected his Khadoran history, the majority of his education took place in Cygnar’s military academies. He cut his teeth first as a soldier, and then in command during the Scharde Invasions. His dedication to the military, to being a good leader continued until Leto’s rebellion, and he sided against the elder Raelthorne ending up at the gates of the castle and helped hold them against the Vinter’s reinforcements.

After that, he retired from the military and decided to return to Ord, to his family’s small estate. He wasn’t there long before he was recruited into the Red Fist mercenary company. It was there that he had the unfortunate fate to run into the autonomous murder machine Deathjack which wiped out the company. Erik escaped only missing his leg.

He managed to survive, barely, and was saved by Grell. She nursed him back to health, and returned him to Ord. It wasn’t until the curious gobber named Raf appeared almost a year later, investigating the Deathjack’s massacre, that Erik got an offer he couldn’t refuse: in return for lending his knowledge and leadership, as well as information about the necrotech horror, Raf would see that his leg was fixed. Thus the the initial idea for the Steel Wolves was formed.

Now, despite being back to fighting form thanks to the the unique leg that was built for him, equipped with the so-called “tremor turbine” Erik has opted to take his position as leader into an administrative role and is currently seeking recruits to fill the first ranks of the fledgling mercenary company.

Erik "Quaker" Stahl

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