A rugged, low-class lowlife always ready to make a quick gold piece. Lorcan wears an armored trench coat and his ever-present hat (which he never takes off; manners be damned). His face is always sporting stubble and a mischievous grin.



PHY 5 | AGI 3 | INT 4
SPD 6 | PRW 4 | ARC
STR 4 | POI 5 | PER 5


DEF 11
ARM 10

Climbing 4
Detection 7
Driving 3
Forensic Science 5
Interrogation So+2
Intimidation So+1
Law 5
Medicine 5
Pistol 5
Rife 5
Sneak 4
Survival 5

The character can reroll failed Detection rolls. Each failed roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Astute.
The character can accurately track his target despite its attempts to take cover. When making a ranged or magic attack against a target that has concealment, cover, or elevation, this character gains +2 on the attack roll.
Dual Shot:
The character can forfeit his movement during his turn to make one additional ranged attack with a pistol or rifle.
Character can use quick actions and aim in the same round, but still has to forfeit his movement to gain the aiming bonus.
Preternatural Awareness:
The character’s uncanny perceptions keep him constantly aware of his surroundings. The character gains boosted Initiative rolls. Additionally, enemies never gain back strike bonuses against this character.


Heavy Rifle
RNG 84-420 (14’) | RAT 6 | POW 12
Ammo: 10

Dual Handcannon
RNG 72-360 | RAT 6 | POW 12
Double: -2 ATK +3 DAM

Holdout Pistol
RNG 24 | RAT 6 | POW 8
Ammo: 20

RNG 8 | POW – | AOE 3 |
AOE is a cloud effect which remains for 1 turn. While in AOE living characters suffer -2 DEF and -2 on ATK rolls

20 Heavy Rounds
20 Light Rounds
Armored Great Coat
Gas Mask
Heavy Rifle
Holdout Pistol
Strangle Gas Grenade (2)

Five Cant


The man known only as Lorcan is a mystery, but not because he’s particularly mysterious by nature. Lorcan manages to piss off most everyone he meets, so no one is particularly motivated to get to know him. His last name isn’t a secret; no one has asked him what it is.
This has been the story of Lorcan’s life. Growing up in the orphanages of Ord, he had a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. This meant that he was constantly pushed around by the bigger boys. If he tried to keep his mouth shut, he would instead blunder into something and break something else of value. Since he couldn’t figure out how to stop being so clumsy, Lorcan instead got good at covering his tracks and at using a slingshot.
When he became too old for the orphanages, Lorcan had reached a point where he craved the respect he had never been shown in his childhood. It stood to reason that the place to get that respect was in the watch.
It seemed Lorcan’s fortunes had changed. He found he excelled at recognizing the clues at a scene of a crime (mostly by thinking how he would have tried to cover up a crime) and that his skills with a rifle were above average too. Unfortunately, ever fate’s fool, Lorcan managed to accidentally shoot his captain in the ass during a training exercise. This might not have been enough to have Lorcan thrown out of the watch, but his comment about the captain being “the butt of the joke” sealed the deal.
It was clear to Lorcan that he would not be able to garner the respect he wanted from his work, so he would have to get it through money. His time in the watch had revealed a couple of talents he could peddle for gold, and being his own boss had the perk of it being almost impossible to shoot the boss in the ass. Since going into business for himself, Lorcan has been pursuing the fast gold piece. He’ll do almost anything for gold, and he’s always willing to listen to how much gold is on offer.


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