Ragnok Nokith

A towering frame, midnight blue skin, bright red eyes, and hard angular features make him imposing at first, but his calm demeanor quickly offsets that. He regularly shaves his quills to accommodate wearing his lucky hat (the one with the bullet holes).


Gifted Trollkin Gun Mage/Bounty Hunter

PHY 6 | AGI 3 | INT 3
SPD 5 | PRW 4 | ARC 4
STR 5 | POI 4 | PER 3


DEF 10
ARM 11

Detection 2
Hand Weapon 1
Intimidation 1
Rifle 2
Rope Use 1
Tracking 2

When the character ties up, manacles, or otherwise restrains another character with some form of restraints, add +3 to the skill roll difficulty for the bound character to escape. Pg: 158
Craft Rune Shot
The character can craft his own rune shot ammunition. Instead of paying 5gc for each metal cartridge round of rune shot ammunition, a character with this ability and a rune shot casting kit can cast his own rounds, paying 1 gc for the powder, material to cast a rune bullet, and metal casing to press one round of rune shot ammunition. The character must inscribe the casing and bullet by hand. A character can craft up to five rune shot cartridges in an hour. Pg: 160
Fast Reload
The character gains one extra quick action each turn that can be used only to reload a ranged weapon. Pg: 161
Magic Sensitivity
The character can automatically sense when another character casts a spell within fifty feet for each point of his ARC stat (200’). Such characters can tune out this detection as background noise but area aware of particularly powerful magic. Additionally, a character with the focuser tradition can sense other focuser within their detection range. Pg: 115
Feat: Revitalize
The character can spend 1 feat point during his turn to regain a number of vitality points equal to his PHY stat immediately. If a character suffers damage during his turn, the damage must be resolved before a character can use this feat. An incapacitated character cannot use Revitalize. Pg: 116
Take Down
This character can use Take Down anytime he incapacitates another character with an attack and while the incapacitated character is in this character’s melee range. The incapacitated character regains 1 vitality point and is no longer incapacitated but is considered to be manacled, tied up, unconscious, or otherwise out of action for the rest of the encounter. Once the combat portion of the encounter has ended, the subject of the take down is at the mercy of the victors to be questioned or worse. Pg: 167
The character is incredibly hardy. When this character is disabled, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6, the character heals 1 vitality point, is no longer disabled, and is knocked down. Pg: 116

SPELLS (Arcane Tradition: Willweaver)
Rune Shot: Accuracy | Cost 1 | RNG Slf |
The spellcaster’s next rune shot ranged attack roll this turn is boosted. Pg: 242
Rune Shot: Brutal | Cost 1 | RNG Slf |
The spellcaster’s next rune shot ranged attack gains a boosted ranged attack damage roll against the target directly hit. Pg: 242
Rune Shot: Thunderbolt | Cost 1 | RNG Slf |
If the spellcaster directly hits a target with his next rune shot ranged attack this turn, the target is pushed d3" directly away from this character. On a critical hit, the target is knocked down after being pushed. Pg: 244
Rune Shot: Black Penny | Cost 1 | RNG Slf |
The spellcaster’s next rune shot ranged attack roll this turn ignores the firing into melee penalty. Pg: 242

Magelock Rifle: | RNG 14(17)/40(43) | RAT 6 | POW 10 |
War Axe: | MAT 5 | P&S 8 |

Cygnaran Armored Greatcoat: | SPD 0 | DEF -1 | ARM +5 |

Ammo Bandolier (Can draw and reload a round as part of the same quick action.)
Bipod (Forfeit movement + 2" ranged attack with first attack that turn)
Entrenching Spade
Flint Striker
Rope and grappling hook (20’)
Rune Shot Casting Kit
Scope (+ 3" effective range and + 15" on extreme range)
Spyglass (+ 2 PER related to spotting at distance)

Order of the Arcane Tempest (Cygnaran Gun Mage Academy)

Cygnaran (Basic Understanding)


Please understand that I do not hate my people, I simply could not live my life as they wanted me to. Perhaps if I had been raised in a different kriel, one less rooted in old hatreds, I would not be here. You see, life in a kriel is neither easy nor comfortable. This is by design, meant to harden you. I heard this throughout my entire life in the Thornwood; we do not live in hardship, we endure by choice to keep from becoming soft. Well, that may have been true once, but nowadays our suffering is not by choice…

My particular kriel was very, very traditional in its beliefs. My kith was especially adamant about the supremacy of our kind over what they called the “lesser” races. I never believed these things, no matter how fervently our shamans would proclaim them. They would go on and on about our insurmountable strength and our unquenchable justified hatred… until the human kingdoms would come to trade. I was told we were demure and respectful in order to keep our strength hidden from them. I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they had war machines, and more guns, and more soldiers, and more allies, and, well, generally more of everything we wanted.

To make matters worse, I heard the call, yet I had not been marked. By my kriel’s traditions, if one of our kind showed signs of magical talent, yet they were not born marked by pale skin, they were destined to become a shaman’s shadow; one of the many that assist our leaders in performing their wondrous duties. A prestigious position of slavery.

The first chance I got after discovering I could feel magic, I stowed away on a trade caravan and made my way to Cygnar. From here, my story and my life rapidly come into focus. I joined the Cygnaran national army and was quickly placed under the command of Grim Angus, whom I will always respectfully address as Sir. To this day he is the closest I have ever come to knowing family. He felt the call in me, saw potential in my skills, and gave me purpose. He did this by doing something my blood kith would never have done… by presenting me with a choice. He did not order me to join the Arcane Tempest. Instead he told me ahead of time what this life would entail, and he let me decide my own future. I am eternally grateful for his guidance.

Once my obligations to Cygnar’s armies were met, I decided to travel. I have much more of the world to see, and with the skills I now possess, I can go wherever I please…

Ragnok Nokith

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